Monday, June 16, 2008

Name the Tanker Contest Winner

TAnchorman would like to announce that, in a bizarre twist of events, a dark horse write-in candidate has won the Name the Tanker Contest.

Throughout the contest two of the finalist, Scarebus and Euronator, looked as though they would make this a two party race by building a substantial lead on the competition.

But, over the weekend a furious grassroots write-in campaign was mounted in support of the name Le Misérable. A reader who identified himself only as V. Hugo was seemingly able to use his considerable LinkedIn contacts and Facebook friends to overwhelm the established party candidates.

The final tallies for the candidates were as follows: Scarebus received 11 votes, Euronator received 23 votes, and Le Miz received 136 votes.

For winning, Mr. Hugo will receive a full color poster of the KC-30. We apologize in advance for its condition as it was unfortunately, and totally accidentally, ripped a number of times by IAM union members visiting the Hill in support of the KC-767.


Anonymous said...

So as it seems this Contest was not all that transparent, Change the finalist at the last moment? Not that i really give a *&^*& but why did we all vote if the rules were changed at the last min? guess it comes down to just like the presidential race Your Votes really do not count who they want is who they get :-)

TAnchorman said...

As members of the fifth estate, I can assure you that News Team 4 and I did not use Diebold machines and that we faithfully counted all votes.

We were forced at the last minute to accept write-in votes due to a court order obtained by the West Palm Beach Chapter of the ACLU. (They are still angry their delegates only got 1/2 a vote each.)

All protests of the contest can be e-mailed to the TAnchorman Accountablity Office (TAO) via

TAnchorman and News Team 4

Anonymous said...

Your going to sell the posters? I need a few hundred in Mobil.

DesScorp said...

Congrats to Boeing. USAF screwed them by changing the rules of the game in the middle of the decision.